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Why Invest In A Sterling Silver Thimble?

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Many sewing enthusiasts use a sewing machine to allow them to complete garments more quickly. However, there are some situations where a sewing machine won't do. When working with lace, sequins, or other delicate materials, hand sewing will give you more control. Even silk is best sewed by hand in order to avoid damaging the fabric. Hand embroidery is another sewing technique that cannot be accomplished using a machine. A thimble is an essential tool for anyone who sews by hand. Here are four reasons you should invest in a sterling silver thimble as part of your sewing kit:

1. Protect your fingers.

Hand sewing can be hard on your fingers. Needles are very small and sharp, and pushing the threaded end of the needle through fabric can lead to blisters and abrasions over time. A thimble fits over the top of your thumb or index finger. It gives you the support you need to push your needle without damaging your skin. When you protect your finger with a thimble, you'll be able to sew for a longer period of time without experiencing pain.

2. Enjoy a beautifully crafted item.

The beauty of an object is just as important as its utility. Sterling silver is a precious metal that is coveted for its beautiful shine. Sterling silver is resistant to tarnishing. It will hold its luster for many years, and it can be polished if it starts to grow cloudy. Sewing with a sterling silver thimble on your finger can be a visual delight. You deserve to enjoy your sewing as much as possible, and luxurious, well-made tools can help you do so.

3. Rely on your thimble.

Thimbles made from sterling silver are durable enough to last a lifetime. Wood, silicone, and other materials are sometimes used to craft thimbles, but these thimbles are likely to wear out more quickly. A sterling silver thimble is a one-time investment that will allow you to sew with confidence for many years, so you won't have to worry about one of your needles accidentally punching through your thimble one day.

4. Purchase a well-fitted thimble.

Mass-produced thimbles are typically manufactured in only one size. These thimbles may not be an ideal fit for anyone with fingers that are smaller or larger than average. Sterling silver thimbles come in various sizes. You can measure your finger and choose a thimble that fits snugly without being too tight.